Various / Tropical Disco Volume 23

Various / Tropical Disco Volume 23

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Artist: Moodena, Sartorial, Clean Is Good
Title: Tropical Disco Records Volume Twenty Three
Label: Tropical Disco
Cat.#: TDISCO023
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Style: House

Track Listing:

It’s been a spellbinding last 12 months for Tropical Disco Records. Dominating both the digital and vinyl charts across some of the biggest platforms around, including Traxsource and Juno, with a seemingly endless stream of near perfect jazz infused disco goodness. It’s a label which has really caught the heart strings of the DJ community which is a true testament to the strength of A&R and club knowledge behind the label.

Their latest vinyl only EP ‘Tropical Disco Volume 23’ perfectly showcases that well loved Tropical disco style alongside the worldwide musical knowledge which has been the cornerstone of the label recently. Featuring both label heads Moodena and Sartorial alongside South American pairing Infrasoul and Clean Is Good it’s a perfect showcase of the labels style.

Opening up proceedings is Mexico’s Clean Is Good, another star in the making from a country which continually seems to punch well above its disco weight. ‘Christina’ has that Latin flair aplenty. Bubbling bass, club shaking drums and a real diggers classic of a Latin jazz sample all combine for what is a real party favourite in the making.

Moodena keeps that jazzy flair flowing beautifully with ‘Cotton Club’. It’s a track with a real 70’s soundtrack vibe running through its disco DNA. A celebration of all that the legendary ‘Cotton Club’ name brings to mind it’s brimming with class and grace and just a touch of playfulness. It’s a real moment of musical bliss.

Over on the flip of the 12” Sartorial gets in on the action with ‘Ancient Aliens’. This one has a real 90’s computer funk heartbeat with throbbing bass licks, powerhouse drum rolls and a funk fuelled synth bass. It’s the kind to track which will cause many a knowing head nod from DJ’s across the globe as that dancefloor fills up to overflowing as it causes scenes aplenty.

Closing out proceedings Colombian producer Infrasoul delivers yet another 70’s inspired gem. ‘Qanto Amor’ is a track which we do indeed have a whole lot of love for with its effortless brass licks delivering eupohia, while a dancefloor smash of a bassline paves the way for some of the funkiest guitar this side of the Purple one’s fabled aftershow parties. With a real smorgasbord of instruments perfectly playing off each other it’s all topped off with some satin shirt, gold pendant wearing synth goodness. Oh and did we mention the disco flute? Well how else would you close out one of the finest disco 12’s you will get your hands on this year.