A good vinyl shop is founded on passion and experience.

Coming from a man with over 40 years deeply rooted in vinyl culture, LUV4WAX has everything it needs to become an essential, trusted source for serious diggers and inquisitive souls alike.

Best known as long-serving house producer Brothers’ Vibe, Tony Rodriguez has been collecting records since the age of six. Witnessing the birth of the New York, New Jersey and Chicago house music scenes first hand, he has dedicated his life to music through his own productions, running multiple record labels, DJing the world over, and even running a record pressing brokerage company through the ‘90s.

Now Rodriguez brings his years immersed in records to his own online vinyl shop, seeking to further vinyl culture globally and inspire record junkies new and old. Across a range of new and used stock, he’ll be selling carefully curated sounds from house, techno and disco to nu jazz and world music. Like all the best vinyl shops, LUV4WAX will be a place to pick up the hottest new releases and scope out forgotten treasures – a dance all record obsessives have been doing since the needle dropped on the first groove!

LUV4WAX supporting vinyl past, present and future!!!