Simon Vuarambon / Afrika, Meco, Oasis

Simon Vuarambon / Afrika, Meco, Oasis

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Artist: Simon Vuarambon
Title: Afrika / Meco / Oasis
Label: Moments
Cat.#: MOMENTS010
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country: UK
Released: 2023
Style: House

Track Listing:The principles of humanity depend on the decade system, so it is not surprising that the number ten has a special significance. The tenth release of Guy Mantzur's label proves the point. How do you appreciate those special moments and the good times in your life?

Whatever makes you happy, music always enhances the emotion behind it. Simon Vuarambon, a Swiss living in Argentina, is a producer with a dozen years of experience. His debut release on Moments is a game-changer. Notonly for his successful career but also for the label.

A three-track material takes over twenty breathtaking minutes to display outstanding technical skill and passion.

The opening track, Afrika, floats on a smooth groove with hypnotic synth lines and traces of tribal elements. Meco continues the impeccable drum structure but goes deeper into melancholia and peaks with the memorable lead. Oasis is an exemplary closing track and a thought-provoking finale.

Every one of Simon's tracks has a one-hundred percent individual weight. However, listening to them as a piece indicates the praiseworthy delivery of an uncompromising concept.