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Running Back Presents / Front Part 1 (2x12")

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Artist: Running Back Presents
Title: Front Part 1 (2x12")
Label: Running Back
Format: 2x12″LP GATEFOLD DELUXE, Unmixed , Limited Edition, Part 1 of 2
Country: Germany
Date: 2018

Track Listing:History Revealing Reissue/ Compilation project centering around the legendary FRONT Club in Hamburg Germany that existed from the 80´s - late 90´s - a leading club in terms of music selection, mixing technique, rave culture - in a very important period of time. Eponymous Resident DJ´s Klaus Stockhausen and the later on globally known Boris Dlugosch take a close look back at that Time, guide you through the history, the early beginnings and absolute key moments on (House Music) Club Culture.

Part 1 includes 8 legendary Tracks from the 80´s DISCO, POST-DISCO, PROTO-HOUSE direction that mark the masterclass sound of that Era and could be an essential start or - end - point to any great collection. Especially together with Part 2 being the more 90´s roundup.