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Krl / Third

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Artist:  Krl
Label Quintessentials
Format:  12" Vinyl
Country:  Germany
Date:  2018

Track Listing:After a remix and a compilation track for Quintessentials, it’s the third time that KRL appears on the label and also his third full EP. Following on from his previous releases on Wolf Music Recordings (yes, he can even be found on the first ever Wolf Music release!) this EP is a mixture of two older ideas started in 2014 and two completely new tracks playing on a mixture of samples and field-recorded sounds. „Third“ is multistyle. It’s got proper house with „never leave“, a track that features the beautiful voice of Janine Small. It’s got rough deepness with „rhodes to nowhere“. It’s got a bit of beat madness with „confession beat“. And it’s got sublime, fragile electronics with „glacier“. We love that!