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Artist: Kapote
Title: What It Is
Label: Toy Tonics
Cat.#: TOYT090
Format: 2x12" Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 2019
Style: Deep House

Track Listing:

Jaas Func Haus
Delirio Italiano
Fusion 79
Fuck Music (Short)
The Nose (Short)
Get Down Brother (2019 Version)

The album consists of ten tracks. Jaas Func Haus, Salva Tion and Fusion 79 are broken beat house with a heavy jazz fusion feel. Keyboard solos, funk chords, a Bob James 1970ies vibe. Some crazy saxophone licks switching in from time to time. Delirio Italiano is a stand out track: it's Italo Disco. But not the obvious 80ies Italodisco. More a funk jam with heavy bassline and a nasty talking italian girl. On Brasiliko Kapote is influenced by the warm old Brazilian disco sounds. Lot of Rhodes and flute solos. No samples at all. (This track was pre-released in Feb 2019 and the vinly sold out in 4 days.)
The followoing tracks (Fuck Music, The Nose, Get Down Brother, L.O.V.E.) were released in different versions before, but have been reworked for the album. Shorter, with new mix and lot of changes. The other two new tracks (Salva Tion, Space Drum) are dirty mid-tempo dirty broken beat jams with a unique funk vibe. Pure quality and individuality.

This is a record made in Berlin. By a Italo-german producer. But it sounds so different to most of the dance sounds you been hearing from Berlin the last years. Instead these tracks have that jazzy feel that is based on the original NY and Detroit house sound and that jazzy London house.
In fact there is a new scene in Berlin that is jazz and disco orientated now. While the city is still seen as the Techno capital, more and more producers are switching to Balearic disco and black American music.
People like the OYE and Money Sex crew, Max Graef, Soundstream and new festivals like XJazz are just a beginning. The Kapote album is a next step. There is much more to come.