Jay Dee aka J Dilla / Welcome 2 Detroit: 20th Anniversary Edition

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Label: BBE
Format: 12 x 7" Vinyl
Country: UK
Released: 2021
Genre: Hip Hop

Track Listing:

Side 1
Y'all Ain't Ready
Think Twice (Faded)

Side 2
Y'all Ain't Ready (Instrumental)
Think Twice (Instrumental)

Side 3
The Clapper (feat Blu)
Shake It Down (Faded)

Side 4
The Clapper (Instrumental)
Shake It Down (Instrumental)

Side 5
Come Get It (feat Elzhi)

Side 6
Come Get It (Instrumental)

Side 7
Pause (feat Frank N Dank)
BBE (Big Booty Express)

Side 8
Pause (Instrumental)
BBE (Big Booty Express) (Instrumental)

Side 9
Beej N Dem (Part 2 - feat Beej)

Side 10
Beej N Dem (Part 2 - Instrumental)

Side 11
Brazilian Groove
It's Like That (feat Hodge Podge & Lacks - Edit)

Side 12
Brazilian Groove EWF (Instrumental)
It's Like That (Instrumental)

Side 13
Give It Up

Side 14
Give It Up (Instrumental)

Side 15
Rico Suave Bossa Nova

Side 16
Azymuth (Rico Suave Bossa Vinyl Edit)

Side 17
Track 17 (feat Phat Kat)

Side 18
Track 18 (feat Phat Kat - Instrumental)

Side 19
African Rhythms

Side 20
African Rhythms (Instrumental)
One (Instrumental)

Side 21
It's Like That (Alternate Version)
Beej N Dem

Side 22
African Rhythms (No Drums)
EWF (No Drums (No vocal)
Give It Up (Acappella)

Side 23
Think Twice (DJ Muro KG Mix)

Side 24
Think Twice (DJ Muro KG Mix - Instrumental)