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Title: The Long Way UP
Label: Mother Tongue Records
Cat.#: MT19014
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country: Italy
Released: 2022
Genre: Deep House

Track Listing: EDB’s follow up of his 2021 debut ‘True Stories’ is finally here, and shows once again his skills for all things funky, quircky and some basslines to die for!

There is a whole range of vibes here from the astro funk of the aptly titled ‘Progressions’ to the Detroit echoes of ‘Not A Choice’, the modern twists of ‘Nothing is Wasted’ till the beatless opus ‘Masquerade’.

But make sure not to miss this special collaboration with Kemetic Just’s own Just One on the anthemic ‘The Rhythm Got Me Way Up’. ‘The Long Way Up’ its another testament of EDB’s never stopping brilliance!