Casino Times / Ain't Enough Acid / Gaze Into The Future

Casino Times / Ain't Enough Acid / Gaze Into The Future

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Title: Ain't Enough Acid / Gaze Into The Future
Label: Stamp Records
Cat.#: STAMP014
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country: UK
Released: 2022
Genre: Disco, Nu-Disco, House, Acid House

Track Listing:Casino Times debut on Stamp Records with four carefully diced grooves.

With acid-tinged disco and house-infused jazz on the A side, and not one but two tributes to Austropop on the B, the duo show-off both their eclectic tastes and loose approach to crafting an edit.

Much like the style established by the Casino Edits series, 'Enough Acid' is a disco excursion that rolls with lively organic percussion, funked up guitar, singing strings and a meaty analogue acid bass line.
Perfectly timed piano breaks pays homage to the monstrous source material, creating an abundance of dancefloor drama...

'The Glow (Estate)' achieves the seemingly unfeasible; an enchanting jazz sample is seamlessly arranged across a tight drum groove creating rich, soulful rhythms. At points the track seems to take flight to create space for a tender vocal hook, fascinating for both diggers and dancers alike.

Flipping to the other side, Casino Times go all in with a tribute to Austropop, with two stripped back new wave and punk inspired cuts. 'Gaze Into The Future' shakes bodies and pushes the bass bins to the limit, with the sound of a siren letting us know it's time to report to the dancefloor.
Its counterpart 'Overly Dramatic' lives up to its name - a jaunty slap bass groove bounces away underneath roaring synthetic atmospheres, sporadically launching into bellowing choral hits that'll make your head spin.