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Aleksei Nikitin / Vesna

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Artist: Aleksei Nikitin
Title: Vesna
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country GB
Release Date: 2019
Genre: House, Techno, Deep

Track Listing:UNDERTHESEA, the label & party series run by the London via Berlin nomad Grego After All. Presenting the third record on the imprint is Russian artist Aleksei Nikitin AKA Nocow with a remix by Dutch producer Daniël Jacques. Mostly known for his melancholic yet raw productions as alias Nocow, the Saint Petersburg-based producer delivers this record under his real name. On ‘Vesna’, which translates loosely to Spring in Russian, he delivers 4 special cuts focusing on the groovier spectrum of his sound and an extensive use of his own vocals.

The 12-inch opens with the idiosyncratic ‘Gruv’ that like a renegade train creates a sense of anticipation. Following on the A side, ‘Blaze Away’ explores the enjoyable feeling of isolation with a persuasive rhythm.
On the flip side, the title track reaches the previously promised climax that illustrates the rebirth of colour after the cold winter. Nikitin recalls to his MC roots through his subtle vocals into a solid summer hit. Subsequently, Daniël Jacques takes on ‘Vesna’ bringing a faster stripped down version reinforcing Nikitin’s whispers and melodies for the dancefloor. At last, ‘Dai Svet’ concludes the EP with a warm afterglow.

Coming out in May, this new addition to the UNDERTHESEA catalog expands the sound vocabulary the label pursues with a new gem lost in the waves.