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Sa'd Ali / Asylum (Louie Vega Remix) - Vega Records

  • $14.99

Artist:  Sa'd Ali
Title:  Asylum (Louie Vega Remix) 
Label: Vega Records
Format: 12"
Price:  14.99
Date:  2019
Genre:  House, Soulful 

Track Listing:The Vega Records 5 Pack Vinyl Unreleased Projects have become very sought after pieces amongst vinyl enthusiasts and collectors, thanks to Vinyl Parties and Performances by Louie Vega at Phonica Records in London and Rush Hour Records In Amsterdam (during ADE).

Previously only available as a 5 pack 12" which now commands high prices on discogs and have never available outside of a few select stores worldwide.

Now available as unique 12"s for the first time the fifth part features Sa'd Ali - Asylum (Louie Vega Remix).