Kim English / Loni Clark / It Makes a Difference/Rushing-Danny Krivit Edits

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Artist: Kim English/Loni Clark
Title: It Makes a Difference/Rushing-Danny Krivit Edits
Label: Nervous Records
Cat: NE24622
Format: 7" Vinyl / Bonus: includes die cut jacket
Country: USA
Released: June 2019
Genre: House

Track Listing:Danny Krivit is currently known as one of the music community’s greatest purveyors of top quality disco & house as he continues to perform regularly before sold-out audiences around the world. With his unique ear for what works on the dancefloor he has also become known as “King of the Re-edit.”

Danny has a deep connection to Kim English’s “It Makes A Difference” release on Nervous Records from 2006. Krivit worked with writer Kyle Smith on the remixes that originally made this tune an anthem at his 718 Sessions parties as well as one of the highlights of club nights from Tokyo to New York to London that appreciate quality soulful house. The B-side is Danny’s re-edit of one of the most famed dubs from the Nervous catalogue
as well as for the producers Mood II Swing. Upon its release in 1993 this dub emerged as one of the defining sounds of summer 1993 at Ministry Of Sound which had just recently opened the year before. The “rushing rushing rushing” hook is well knownby golden era of house afficianados around the world and he does an amazing job bringing this essential hook.