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Chillhop Essentials / Summer 2019

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Artist: Chillhop Essentials
Title: Summer 2019
Label: Chillhop
Cat.#: 2880402
Format: Limited Edition 12"x 2  Vinyl
Country: Germany
Released: 2019
Genre: Chill-Out, Hip-Hop, Jazz

Track Listing:

Side A
Yasper - Good Friends
Sleepy Fish - for when it's warmer
Dontcry, Nokiaa, Deauxnuts, Azec - Wavey
Toonorth - Iced Tea
Chief - be here now
Clap Cotton - understatements

Side B
auv - McCarren
Evil Needle - Candlelight
Misha, Cocabona - Khaleesi
Quickly, Quickly, Louk - Sleeping til 12
Fabich, NO SPIRIT - All Together Good Vibes
blnkspc_ - tonite

Side C
Junior State - Nice and Easy
Ruck P - Early Morning
Cap Kendricks - It's A Vibe
Monma - Fast Travel
Saint Wknd No Spirit- Sand Under My Feet
Osvaldo - Supergloom

Side D
Stan Forebee, Cloudchord - Song For The Sun
Sebastian Kamae, Dontcry - polaroid
Hanz - Pulse
Middle School, Aso - wannabe
Leavv - Driftwood
Blue Wednesday - Birthday Girl

Once again the first rays of summer are upon us, and with it comes our latest essentials offering for 2019. Arguably the smoothest Chillhop compilation to date, comprising of 24 uplifting compositions from a carefully selected roster of talented artists, this is guaranteed to be the monumental musical companion you need for the months ahead. Whatever you have planned for the holiday season, this seamless release will smoothly transport your thought path straight to the warmest of outlooks, without a care in the world.