Bs As Deep

Bs As Deep

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Title: House Experience Vol. 2
Label: Onward
Cat.#: OWRV008
Format: 12" Vinyl
Country: Argentina
Released: 2022
Genre: Deep, Tribal, Funky, Jazzy

Track Listing:After our last release titled “jazz Baileys” we are back with House Experience Vol.2., this time in EP format, presented by Bs As deep. The previous volume was clearly dedicated to being a various artists, also with the participation of Bs As deep.

We have been working since vinyl number 4 with musicians, who have a participation in almost all the tracks released.

When we talk about musicians, we are including keyboardists, saxophonists, percussionists, guitarists or bassists.

Our goal or common thread has always been to achieve a warm and forceful sound, so that it can be heard in any environment, and at the same time be used at any time of the night, on a dance floor. With those involved in both past and current releases, we share a common idea, which guides us in the interpretation of each song.
We also base ourselves on house influences from the late 90s (96,97,98,99)

Personally, we are moved by those times in which the sounds become more sophisticated, more elaborated in detail, and that is when we believe that the house that we listen to today with soul and jazz sounds, take on more relevance.

They also promote Afro and Latin percussion, leaning towards that New York and Puerto Rican fusion.

For all this, we like to include classic instruments, such as Roland Rhodes, the much-loved Juno, or korg packages with their inevitable M1.

Many shots are made live through a session expressed by the musician, who improvises for a while, from there we extract some part, which can be used several times in several tracks.

It is always necessary to do an editing job to correct any dissonance or variation in time that implies desynchronization in the beat. All this working in the sequencer of the daw to use.

On this album you will be able to hear soulful house sounds strongly impacted by keyboards, flutes and session basses, as well as some perfect percussion samples.

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