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Bridge Guy / Nonpolar Compounds

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Artist: Bridge Guy
Title: Nonpolar Compounds
Label: Berlin Bass Collective
Cat.#: BBC007
Format: 12" 180g Vinyl
Country: Great Britain
Date: 2018

Track Listing:Berlins premiere Bass Collective continue their march into history with yet another TKO vinyl from regular contributor Bridge Guy. His 4 originals are joined by an absolute hammer of Deepness from Jesse Bru who steps up to remix Psilocybin.

Bridge Guy is exploring Deeper sounds in this EP and Isopropyl opens proceedings with a trip of clattering percussion and synth work, all with a laid back slant. Deep enough for the heads but with a sound that just pulls you in.

The theme is somewhat continued in Lone Frenchman, but where the previous track takes a step to the left, The Lone Frenchman turns right and gets his rhythmic jam on. Tightening up the groove and laying the dancefloor to waste.

Psilocybin really pulls the bass and groove centre stage, bouncy and warm and with a whole load of rhythm in the boot. This one is for the turning point right in the middle of the night where things start to get a little more freaky.

Cheese on Toast, drops things back a touch. Thick tones and a more relaxing vibe perfect for losing yourself in, as the last of Bridge Guys originals rounds out a remarkably vibey EP.

Closing out the package we have Jesse Bru's storming remix of Psilocybin, easily up their with some of the best lo-fi House of the past few years. Jesse rings his own vocal work and really heats things up. Peak time killer.